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This is where we and light come from

The Origins series is about light and water, that which surrounds us, where light is at its most material – you can run your fingers through it. This is where we come from.

It is also about movement and traces, both above and below the surface.

Into the Deep, Secrets, and Origins are within the ocean as are Zostera, Jittery, Shhh and Hello, the latter two concerned with the silences underneath the surface.

If one stares at the sun across Msasani Bay in November ­­before it sets,  before it turns yellow, the white light spills and moves round, thrusting in every direction, diving, erupting, and skimming over the water.  This is Spilling.

Wave is that wave that crosses Ocean Road once a year.

At the Surface perhaps refers to birds splashing or hands agitating the surface (when trailing a boat); Dive is just that.

Dancing.Night and Dancing.Dusk stem from watching light on moving water from above. The former stems from a memory of drinking by a stream in the evening and watching light jump, dance, turn, flow and percolate through.

The moment between dusk and night, when the shore provokes eddies in the water, is Dancing.Last light.

Rush is light reflected in a stream that flows, pauses, decides, and moves again.

This is one way of seeing the paintings


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2009 - 2011


Hello (N/A)
Jittery (N/A)
Shhh (N/A)
Zostera (N/A)

Above: 60 x 50 cm.

Below: 150 x 100 cm.

Dive (N/A)
Dive (Dress)
Secrets (N/A)
At The Surface (N/A)
Into The Deep (N/A)
Rush (Diptych) (N/A)
Dancing - Dusk (N/A)
Dancing - Last Light (N/A)
Dancing - Night (N/A)
Wave 2 (N/A)